Meet the Team

Steve Luker 5th Degree

Darren Luker 5th Degree

Norman Luker 4th Degree

Tracey Bedborough 3rd Degree

Martin Luker 3rd Degree

Ray Bolt 3rd Degree

Paul Fowler 2nd Degree

Antony Lees 2nd Degree

Antony has trained in martial arts for many years and started Taekwon-Do so he could train together with his 2 boys. He is a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do and a brown belt in Kenpo

Della Luker 1st Degree

Donna Fowler 1st Degree

Karen Gosden 1st Degree

Karen started taekwondo training in 2013. She says “I love training with my family and was delighted to achieve my black belt in 2020. I enjoy supporting other students to reach their full potential”

David Hewit 1st Degree

Ste Hogan 1st Degree

Ste has been doing taekwondo since 2013 and really enjoys the friendly atmosphere. He says “I love seeing the progress of my fellow students as we go from strength to strength together”